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TEXAS GREENS BY DESIGN is a designer and installer of synthetic putting greens and lawn grass. In nine years, we have designed and installed 500+ putting greens and 100+ lawn grass jobs. We install in backyards, side yards, front yards, acreages, garages, game rooms, on decks & patios, inside 60+ Golfsmith golf stores, at golf training centers, at high schools, apartments, manufacturing facilities, several offices, and an exclusive rooftop terrace in Vail, Colorado. We have installed or shipped greens to 29 states, Canada, and Mexico.

Our putting and chipping greens provide excellent short game practice, by including short and long putts, straight and level putts, and putts that break to left and right. Undulations are installed to make the green challenging and fun. Greens are designed in all shapes and sizes, including: putting-only greens (small areas); putting and chipping (average size yards); par 3 greens with tee boxes 100-150 yards on acreages; and a few exclusive “home golf courses” with 300- 400 yd fairways.

Our vendor partners include: Golfsmith, Mirage Tour Putt ® , Lazy Lawn, Waterless Grass, and Tour Links ®

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SYNTHETIC LAWN GRASS is widely accepted and encouraged by local governments in Arizona, Nevada, and California due to severe water shortages. In Texas, synthetic lawn grass is catching on and is widely used for sports fields. Our specialty is lawn grass for playgrounds - at home, child care centers, or schools. Kids love to run, jump, and roll on our lawn grass with safety cushion. Moms want kids to be safe and have fun playing in their backyard. Dads appreciate synthetic turf that doesn't need to be mowed, watered, or fertilized. And both mom and dad know how a lawn that is green and lush all year long, adds significant value to their home.

THANK YOU for your interest in our products and services. As you browse the web-site you will finds lots of useful information. And if you need a price quote or have design questions, please give us a call or send an email.

TGBD reps are located in Austin, Dallas, Richardson, Fort Worth, Tyler, The Woodlands, Houston, San Antonio, Waco, Midland, Corpus Christi, and Harlingen. Other reps are located in Atlanta, Raleigh, Indianapolis, Pleasanton, and Irvine.

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